Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hey You! What's New??

Hello my Purdies!
Yes I'm aware, again I have neglected my blog... 
Again I'm so sorry. 

I have had much to say, but for some reason didn't make it here to say it.  
A great Lady started blogging and she inspired me to come back to it! 
So I will make this kinda short for now. 
What is new with me and the family...

*.Hubby is still a Lineman, BUT he has started a wholesale car business. It's been an adventure and we are still in the beginning stages. So far we have learned a lot, and not spent a lot. 
*Drew is now 16, has his driving permit, ran track this spring, and even went to the Az State Championships. His school won boys and girls. So exciting! 
*Ryan is now 14, and is going into High School! He's excited to play football.
*Cheyenne is 14, going into 10th grade and we can't wait to see her this summer
*Amber is Amber... no more broken bones, she's going into the 5th grade, and is growing up too fast! 

as for me:
I am so blessed. I'm super busy with Purdy Things. So much so I had to hire an assistant.  I have retired the crochet hooks, but I have replaced it with my sewing machine. I love to sew, I love to embroider. I have been doing them both since I was young too. I have added new things to the site, I have discovered instagram, and WOW is that amazing. I love all the Christian ladies I have met there!! 

I will be on more, I will be posting more. I have started an IG feed with a few ladies called 
Its a feed, that will share God's love with others, uplift others, and have some fun creating things!! 
If you have instagram, please follow both of them! 

See you soon!!