Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So What if You Fail??

I have failed more times then I can count.... I'm not talking failing a test at school either. I have failed at this thing we call life. Then again so has everyone at one point or another right?? In the past weeks we have had a series called Fail at church. The bottom line is "Your life isn't futile, and your failures aren't fatal" You can always return home to those who love you. You can always pick yourself back up and keep going. Forgive yourself, let others forgive you, and be thankful that God is always there to forgive you.... NO MATTER WHAT!

The lessons learned in my failings, have made me the person I am today. I am proud of what I have overcome and accomplished. I would fall flat on my face time and time again to end up in the place I am now. I'm at peace with my failings, I'm grateful for my failings, and I expect to fail again. So what if we fail?? We live and learn. And that is the glorious journey we are all on.

Friday, October 16, 2009


So yesterday while attempting to sweep the back yard from the mess the wonderful storm left us.... we discovered a family of frogs living in our back yard!! Now if you know me well you know that I LOVE frogs. However. If they are bigger then my thumb, I have NO desire to touch or hold them. EEK! I don't know what kind they are.. they are slightly chubby, with these big fat back legs and these amazing webbed feet. Drew (the oldest) caught one, and brought it to me to see, and just as I got close, he jumped, I screamed, Drew laughed, then we all laughed. I managed to get as close as I could without getting the heeby jeebys to get these pictures!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A bit of a change...New Adventures

I've decided to change this blog a bit...
I will still feature awesome handmade goods I find, and their creators! But I will also be sharing more of my life, more of the beautiful things in life, that just make me smile. Life is WAY to short to focus on all the ugly things in this world!

So I will start with what's new in my life...
I am now officially a homeschooling mom... WOW. I honestly never thought that declaration would EVER come from me! My middle son has dyslexia, and an Auditory Processing Deficiency. For the longest time I felt that the best place for him is in school, where teachers with degrees could help him, here is the not so purdy part. This year his teacher was horrible. The lack of communication ended up causing probably the worst blow to R's self esteem he's ever had. I would try to communicate with her, with either no communication in return, or very limited. Seeing my sons confidence suffer, seeing the dejected way he was going about learning, was heartbreaking. So I prayed for him, I prayed about the path I should follow. I started feeling God leading me in the direction of home schooling him. This came about when I sat him down and told him that God did NOT make a mistake when he was made. I reminded him of Psalm 139:14
"I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well". When I saw that it helped him, and that R felt secure in himself again, it was like God telling me, you can encourage him in ways a public school teacher NEVER can. We had a meeting with the teacher last Tuesday, her suggestion was that I write notes in his agenda if he has an issue with his homework. Wednesday he had an issue, so I wrote her. Got the agenda Thursday, no reply, wrote again, Friday NO reply. I was flabbergasted! Not 2 days after SHE suggested a form of communication she neglects it too!? I knew deep in my soul that there was NO WAY in good conscience leave him in her hands, even for another week! Saturday we had a meeting with my home schooling mentor, who helped me in the direction of what direction we will go.
*Here is the purdy part:
Monday was R's last day of "public" school. I had a meeting with the Principal Monday morning, to explain to her my decision, and it was AMAZING she 100% supports our decision. She was also shocked to find out that the lack of communication, she apologized for letting us down. I let her know I appreciated ALL she had tried to do for us. I do have 2 other children in that school! They have wonderful teachers. Soooo Tuesday was the first day of Adventure Christian School. It went pretty well, and he said that his favorite part about school is the Bible time. Today was day 2, and we had an amazing day! I saw his brain working, I saw his drive to learn, I saw him smile more then I have in YEARS while doing school work. It was a beautiful day. I know not all days will be this glorious, but on those days, I will cling to these days!