Sunday, October 12, 2014

31 Days {Joy} Psalms 16:11

You make the path of life known to me,
Complete {Joy} is in your presence,
Pleasures are by your side forever.
Psalms 16:11 {GW}

I spent many many years searching for joy in the wrong places.  In guys, in drugs, in the approval of others I did so much to find the joy in life.  Where have you searched for joy?

To have a joy so strong that it can't be changed by circumstances, isn't that what we all want? I have found that the ONLY place to find that kind of joy is to be in the presence of the Lord.   To have deep conversations with him, to worship him with my whole heart. When we make God our priority we find a joy that consumes us! 

In the past 10 years since I came back to Jesus and gave him my whole heart, I have had troubles, I have had times when I wondered why, but what gets me through those times with Joy is knowing that he has promised to make all things good. He makes beauty from ashes.

Friday, October 10, 2014

31 Days {JOY} What is it?

Have you heard of the 31 day Challenge from  {The Nester}? It's where you write a blog post for 31 days about a certain topic.  I thought this was the PERFECT way to get back into the blogging habit. The topic I chose was Joy. So get ready as I go on this journey to learn more about joy. and what it is exactly. 

Joy noun \ˈji\
: a feeling of great happiness
: a source or cause of great happiness 
: something or someone that gives joy to someone

That is according to Mirriam-Webster. I have come to learn that not only is it a feeling of great happiness, it's a happiness that doesn't depend on the circumstances. 

What does joy mean to you? 
More tomorrow