Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My mission...

What is my mission...
hmmm that is a loaded question.

If it's about my life, it's to be a good example of God's love, and to be the best mom and wife I can be. That sums it up pretty well I think!

Now if it's about Purdy Things... that is something else!
I started Purdy Things as a creative outlet.. I love making things but there is only so much I can make myself, my daughter, and friends and family.  So why not share my talent with the world?? I am always and I mean ALWAYS thinking of new things, and wish there were more time in each day to make them all!! But I will get to them eventually! What I really want to do with Purdy Things is make people happy! I want anyone who buys from me to be sooo excited to get their packages, and when they do I hope and pray their face lights up in pure delight!

Now my mission for this blog...
I want to share my life, my loves, my finds, and my work with you!
What would you like to see me share??