Thursday, January 28, 2010

WOW! Yesterdays post... today!

So Today you will get twice the posts!!! I didn't get a chance to post yesterday,  hubby got called out to work the ice storm that is supposed to hit Missouri tonight. So now, here I am, alone with 3 kids and 2 dogs... but it's nothing new. Been here before! :)
I am glad I didn't post yesterday though... last night I met a seller on Etsy... OH WOW!!! As soon as I saw her shop I gasped at the fabulous treasure boxes she has! I showed hubby while he was packing and even he said OH WOW! Which is RARE. I had to write her to tell her JUST how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE her shop! So we got to chatting a little, not only is she SUPER talented, she's SUPER nice!! I HAD to share with you!! I am SO asking for one of these for Valentines day!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's all about making connections!

I have met some of the MOST talented people in the Etsy Chats!!
I was going to feature some of them yesterday, but decided that Tuesdays would be best suited for this feature! Enjoy! These are what I found in the chats today!


Monday, January 25, 2010

I LOVE IT Monday!!! Things I LOVE!

I love purses, and totes, polka dots, and damask!!  I mean I am supernaturally DRAWN to them!
So here are some of the great things I found this morning!! Next post... chat room Monday! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Shop Local Friday!!

I live in an area that is FLUSH with talent! So Fridays will be shop local Fridays!!!
I'm fortunate enough to be part of a great group Sacto Metro Etsy Team, check out the blog!

Here are 2 local designer artists that are awesome! So check them out!

I love this shop! There is so much vision in each piece!! Here is her self written bio:
I am a one woman shop creating cheeky and flirtatious, yet, sophisticated tanks, t-shirts, and jackets. Sewing and crafting runs deep in my bloodlines but it is through designing, embellishing, and hand embroidering that I have found my true passion. Promoting individuality while utilizing color, texture, and dimension. I want my customers to feel like a million bucks in my garments...exuding confidence!

Plum Dandy - by GirlleeGoodz

With great fabrics, and fun designs you will find things like this awesome crochet / knitting tool organizer, newsboy hats, aprons, and cute dollhouse furniture! Here is her self written bio: I've been hand-crafting most of my life in one form or another. I've been a living history docent at Sutter's Fort State Historic Park in California since 1980, and much of the crafts I do now are things that can be used at the Fort or that were popular in the mid-19th century. Give me natural fibers or materials to work with and I'm a happy camper!
Happy Planet Crochet / Knitting Tool Organizer by MrsTalbott

Happy shopping... more local to me sellers next Friday!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kermit LIED! It IS easy being green!!!

Yes I said it... Kermit LIED!
I've started a line of my crochet goodies using eco-friendly yarns.. I LOVE these fingerless gloves that will keep you warm and are made from 100% recycled yarn!
They are like snuggies for your hands!!

You can find them here:

This got me thinking... what other awesome Eco-friendly things can I find on Etsy??

Here are just two of the fabulous things I found!!! What can you find? Let me know!

Check out this awesome Bird House from :
This is her shop annoucement: Birdtiques are little jewels of bird devotion. Combining salvaged wood and architectural cast offs, bits of tin turned to flowers or flying insects, a seussical whimsy and a knowledge of birds, each Birdtique is one-of-a-kind. Whether for chickadees, wrens, bluebirds, or titmice, you will find a respect for the birds in these houses: no naughty perches and plenty of drainage holes, clean-out doors and hole/house sizes scaled correctly to the bird, and finally, inside of each house, a printout telling you all about your bird. While Birdtiques are suitable for outdoors, chances are yours will never leave your living room. To learn more about Birdtiques or the birds for which they are made, visit

These beautiful candles are clean burning and naturally scented by: crystalwood

Description: These ECO-FRIENDLY, VEGAN candles are made with soy and other natural waxes, natural lead-free cotton wicking and premium quality essential oils for a cleaner-burning, longer-lasting candle. Produces significantly less sooty residue and chemical pollutants than regular paraffin candles. Naturally-scented with no toxic fragrance.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Lets see.. what are my resolutions this year?
First, I want to listen more, listen to God, my husband, my kids, and listen to the stories people tell of their lives.

I learned this year that listening to God is alot easier if you do it the FIRST time...
Before He has to hit me in the head with a brick to see it His way! The blessings are great when you follow what He puts in front of you. Sometimes the road is rough and bumpy, but it's so worth it! Remember God will never give you more then you can handle with HIS help!

Second, I want to take Purdy Things to a whole new level.

Third, I want to use my gifts to further the kingdom.

Fourth, I want to keep this blog ALOT more current!!!

WHEW! I usually say I'm not going to make resolutions, but I think I can do these, no I know I can do these.

This past year has been probably the BIGGEST roller coaster of my life.
But I've put all of my faith in God, and know that HE is in control. He hasn't let us down yet. Things haven't been the way we want, but we have been so blessed.