Thursday, June 28, 2012

Purdy Things {Pattern} Circle

Your one stop place for all of my Purdy Things Crochet Patterns in one place, a forum with full access to chat with me, and other crocheters about these and other patterns. This members only circle will have so much more exclusive benefits, challengest, contests and so much more!!  And as new patterns are released you will be the first to receive them at no additional charge for the year. 
Membership is $25 for a 12 month period, on average you will be saving about $100 in patterns year. Plus full access to tips tricks and inspiration from myself and other crocheters.  

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

About a {boy} named Drew: No Wheelchair Can Stop Me

Last Monday started like any other Monday.. Amber and I dropped Ryan and Chey off at the church office for summer camp... then went home to get Drew for his dental check up... pretty normal right?? Well it was... 

Drew goes from his wheelchair to the Exray chair at the dentists, they go to take his blood pressure and it's 68/50 sooooo they do a cleaning, while I call the nuerologist, and ask what they would like me to do... 

 We end up at the emergency room in Phoenix Children's Hospital. Luckily it was just an episode, and they sent him home...

So that Saturday we did what we do every first and third Saturday of the month... we served at the food mission our church hosts.  We got our official name badges and Drew was pretty proud to get his because he loves to serve and he loves to show Gods love by giving of his time and self to others... no wheelchair can stop him!! 

I am so proud of him... he really hasn't let the chair stop him. He goes to church with us every Sunday, and loves to go out, he's ready to face his freshman year in the chair if he's still in it {though we keep praying that he's not} 

  • Yesterday on the 18th of June we had a regular eye appointment, and the Dr dialated Drews eyes and found scarring in the Chortoid and Retina of his eyes... so the office made an appointment on the 5th of July with a Retina Specialist to get it checked out. This just might be the clue we needed!!! 
  • We have an appointment on the 12th of July with an immunologist to check for autoimmune disorders. 
  • While we were at the ER we were made much more comfortable about Drew's neurologist's desire to get us into the Mayo Clinic here in Scottsdale, so we are much more hopeful about the possibility that we might get to go there. 
 Again thank you all so much for reading these and for your continued prayers, and for sharing these posts!! Our family loves the comments, and Drew really appreciates the words of encouragement!! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Being a {girl} is fun!! Pinterest Nail Fun!

So my daughters and I have a pinterest obesession.. we {LOVE} to look up nail art and hair styles... and we try them out too!! I'm going to start posting how we do with our interpretations of these awesome pins!! 

Here is what my nails look like!! I used teal instead of pink, and moved the design to my pointer finger... but I just love how it came out and received lots of compliments!! It was super easy to do with a nail pen! 
There isn't instructions for how to do this.. so here is how I did it, I used the color {Concrete Evidence} from Ulta, and the while and teal design pens from Sally Hansen. I painted two coats of the grey first, waited till they were 100% dry, then using the pen painted the stripes, once they were dry (which was super fast) I drew a heart and colored it in) super easy... if you need guides you can use nail tape that you can get at any Sally's or other beauty supply.

Here is the pin we saw on pinterest, and when you follow the link to Katrina's Nail Blog you will find many more style and lots of nail inspiration:  

Are you going to try this?? What colors are you going to use?? I would love to read all about it!! 


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Sunday, June 10, 2012

{DIY} Awesome Suspenders

This Saturday my 12 year old daughter and I were on a mission to find some suspenders.. and just couldn't find anything she liked... so we both had a light bulb moment!! Let's make some ourselves!! And that is just what we did!! And since we had soo much fun making them, we decided to share how to make them with everyone. We hope you like it, and have fun with it! 

{DIY} Suspenders

Tools and materials:
  • 3 yards elastic backed fabric (we used elastic backed sequins)
  • 4 suspender clips
  • sewing machine with matching thread (you can hand sew these if you prefer)
  • Ribbon for bows *optional
  • head pins


  1. Measure 2 strips of fabric from hip to hip front to back, the way suspenders go on and leave a 1/2" extra on each side. 
 on each end, slide it through the suspender clip, pull it through 3/4" and sew it securely. So you will have all 4 clips securely sewn on. 
3. Put the suspenders on, as they would be worn, and pin the x in the back.  Sew the x securely. 

 4. *optional bow. if you would like the bows on the front, get a piece of ribbon sew it in a circle, and take another piece of ribbon and take it in the middle to create a bow shape, and then hot glue it to the front part of the suspender. 

I hope you have fun with these suspenders!! I would love to see what you make with this easy to make pattern!! please email me your pictures to and I will create a post with the best of the best!!! 


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Thursday, June 7, 2012

About a {boy} named Drew - June 2012

So here we are June, Drew is still dizzy, but we now have this awesome high back reclining wheelchair and he can get around the house. We are so blessed to have a house that he can get around in. 
As of now, he's been to a Cardiologist, and it's not his heart, a Neurologist, and it's not his brain, a Endocrinologist, and it's not his glands or hormones, an ENT and it's not his inner ears. 

So now we are on the waiting list for the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota waiting for Dr. Fischer, who is a pediatric specialist in Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.  {POTS} for short. While the Dr's and I aren't all that convinced that it's POTS it hasn't been ruled out, and since so many other things have been ruled out, it's a long shot, but it's a shot none the less. Drew's neurologist, is making a phone call to a local Mayo clinic that doesn't usually see children, to see if they can work with his case. We are also pursuing a Pediatric Rhumatologist to test him for Auto-immune disorders now.

On the bright side... 
you can see that he has such a wonderful sense of humor from the balloon picture. And with it being summer the pool is up and Drew wanted so bad to get in, so we put him in it.. and to our joyous surprise he loved it!! He can swim and not be dizzy in the water.. needless to say the kids spend pretty much everyday in the pool... which is a joyous sight!! 
 My other 3 kids have been so amazing through all of this, they have been more than helpful, and so compassionate. I
 don't know what I would do without them. 

That's all for now... 
thank you all for the continued thoughts and prayers.