Thursday, October 13, 2011

The {geek} in me!

I have an awesome hubby…. no really I do.

He is my backbone, he is my rock. He bends over backwards to support Purdy Things, and where I’m lacking, he is so strong.


I know you are thinking what does that have to do with the {geek} in you??? I’ll tell you! For my birthday he bought me a tablet. I’ve been wanting one because I LOVE gadgets. They are SO fun.

Of course, I had to make something to keep my tablet safe.. I couldn’t let it go out in the world naked.  And sooooo here is the first cover.


Crochet Owl Ipad / Tablet Cover

Then I went on Pinterest and found SO MANY fun things!!!!

Check out my Gadget Board!!!

It's all about the {gadgets}

Have a blessed day!!!

Love and Joy to all!


Tutus & Tea Parties said...

Holy cuteness! I love the owl. Thank you for linking up this week! Hope to see you again on Saturday at the link party.