Monday, March 25, 2013

{Caged} Protecting Your Heart

Guard your heart.. For me this is easier said than done. 
Do you have someone in your life that does more harm than good to you? Their words are toxic, their actions are harmful to your walk with the Lord, they don't respect your boundaries, they hurt you with no remorse.. I think we all have had someone or something in our lives that has caused major hurts. A wise friend said something that has stuck with me... as a child if you are abused you can't walk away from it, as an adult you have the choice to walk away. You are able to choose to stop the cycle, and toxicity. 
Though it may hurt, what is worse?? Being a treated in a way that makes you feel unworthy and unloved,{which is not the case, you are loved and worthy because Jesus died for you!! } or being able to walk away and pray for the person, and love them from afar. 
I know that it is so hard to make the decision to walk away from a person or situation that you love dearly, but are so hurt by. It's heartbreaking to know that in walking away you are hurting that person too. Maybe it will be the wake up call that person needs to realize that the way they treat is wrong, maybe you will never reconcile with that person, but they learn to treat others better... either way, protect your heart from those that aim to hurt you, cause self doubt, make you feel unworthy, or unlovable
Remember you are so loved by our creator!! You are a unrepeated miracle that has a purpose!! When those feelings of self doubt and worthlessness start to come over you, pray for the Lord to shield your heart and mind from the attacks. I've been praying daily to be so full of the Holy Spirit that Satan can't touch me. Does it mean that I don't have the self doubt, and feelings of worthlessness, but as soon as those thoughts come, the Lord reminds me that those are the lies of the great deceiver, and not the truth! The truth is that I am a child of God who is loved unconditionally, and so are you! And most of all remember this verse:
Romans 8:28
 We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God—those whom he has called according to his plan.    
No matter how hurt you are now, the Lord will keep
His promise to make it for good.