Monday, January 4, 2010


Lets see.. what are my resolutions this year?
First, I want to listen more, listen to God, my husband, my kids, and listen to the stories people tell of their lives.

I learned this year that listening to God is alot easier if you do it the FIRST time...
Before He has to hit me in the head with a brick to see it His way! The blessings are great when you follow what He puts in front of you. Sometimes the road is rough and bumpy, but it's so worth it! Remember God will never give you more then you can handle with HIS help!

Second, I want to take Purdy Things to a whole new level.

Third, I want to use my gifts to further the kingdom.

Fourth, I want to keep this blog ALOT more current!!!

WHEW! I usually say I'm not going to make resolutions, but I think I can do these, no I know I can do these.

This past year has been probably the BIGGEST roller coaster of my life.
But I've put all of my faith in God, and know that HE is in control. He hasn't let us down yet. Things haven't been the way we want, but we have been so blessed.