Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kermit LIED! It IS easy being green!!!

Yes I said it... Kermit LIED!
I've started a line of my crochet goodies using eco-friendly yarns.. I LOVE these fingerless gloves that will keep you warm and are made from 100% recycled yarn!
They are like snuggies for your hands!!

You can find them here:

This got me thinking... what other awesome Eco-friendly things can I find on Etsy??

Here are just two of the fabulous things I found!!! What can you find? Let me know!

Check out this awesome Bird House from :
This is her shop annoucement: Birdtiques are little jewels of bird devotion. Combining salvaged wood and architectural cast offs, bits of tin turned to flowers or flying insects, a seussical whimsy and a knowledge of birds, each Birdtique is one-of-a-kind. Whether for chickadees, wrens, bluebirds, or titmice, you will find a respect for the birds in these houses: no naughty perches and plenty of drainage holes, clean-out doors and hole/house sizes scaled correctly to the bird, and finally, inside of each house, a printout telling you all about your bird. While Birdtiques are suitable for outdoors, chances are yours will never leave your living room. To learn more about Birdtiques or the birds for which they are made, visit

These beautiful candles are clean burning and naturally scented by: crystalwood

Description: These ECO-FRIENDLY, VEGAN candles are made with soy and other natural waxes, natural lead-free cotton wicking and premium quality essential oils for a cleaner-burning, longer-lasting candle. Produces significantly less sooty residue and chemical pollutants than regular paraffin candles. Naturally-scented with no toxic fragrance.