Monday, May 24, 2010

Look at me!!! or How to get in Treasuries!

Antique Brass Eyeglasses Necklace by NineXMuse

We have all seen the beautiful treasuries on the front page of Etsy and thought...

I want to be on the Front Page!!!!!!!!!!

So off we go taking better pictures, we research tags and make sure our items are tagged perfectly..... and no front page love.

What gives???

Well there is more to it then having amazing product, pictures and tags... you have to put yourself out there.

You Are What You Create Mens T-Shirt by StutterAndSing

1. Do it yourself!

You are more likely to get noticed by other treasury makers when you make a treasury yourself!

here is an Etsy article on just how to make a treasury: How to Make A Treasury

Mon Tresor Treasure Chest Necklace by TinyTokensDesigns

2. Your in a Treasury... now what

The best way to know if you are in a treasury is to go to Craftopolis here you can see if you are in any treasuries.

The share the news!! Post it to your Twitter, Facebook, Blog, MySpace... share it where you can!!

Don't forget to comment and click on the treasury, and thank the curator.

Toddler Hello My Name is Trouble T-Shirt by ShockNRoll

3. Make yourself Known

How are treasury curators going to rfind you amidst the masses?? Because you post on their treasuries.. it's your introduction into their world.

I find that when you comment on a treasury with a well thought, and articulate post, you will get noticed a heck of a lot faster then just saying "great picks"

I hope to see you on the front page soon!!!!

*Article I wrote for Handmade Spark


Carly said...

Neat old glasses! Found your blog on I heart blogging.