Sunday, June 10, 2012

{DIY} Awesome Suspenders

This Saturday my 12 year old daughter and I were on a mission to find some suspenders.. and just couldn't find anything she liked... so we both had a light bulb moment!! Let's make some ourselves!! And that is just what we did!! And since we had soo much fun making them, we decided to share how to make them with everyone. We hope you like it, and have fun with it! 

{DIY} Suspenders

Tools and materials:
  • 3 yards elastic backed fabric (we used elastic backed sequins)
  • 4 suspender clips
  • sewing machine with matching thread (you can hand sew these if you prefer)
  • Ribbon for bows *optional
  • head pins


  1. Measure 2 strips of fabric from hip to hip front to back, the way suspenders go on and leave a 1/2" extra on each side. 
 on each end, slide it through the suspender clip, pull it through 3/4" and sew it securely. So you will have all 4 clips securely sewn on. 
3. Put the suspenders on, as they would be worn, and pin the x in the back.  Sew the x securely. 

 4. *optional bow. if you would like the bows on the front, get a piece of ribbon sew it in a circle, and take another piece of ribbon and take it in the middle to create a bow shape, and then hot glue it to the front part of the suspender. 

I hope you have fun with these suspenders!! I would love to see what you make with this easy to make pattern!! please email me your pictures to and I will create a post with the best of the best!!! 


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