Sunday, September 9, 2012

The {Purdy} Girl Story

Have you heard about the new Purdy girl in town? Everyone is talking about her.A little girl named Rose was always crafting. She needed a friend so she crafted a friend she named her Lilly. Lilly was her best friend she had cute little button eyes a perfect little smile that never turns into a frown. Soon everyone wanted a doll just like the one that Rose had and they said they would pay anything to have one. Rose made more of course but before she gave dolls to the people who wanted it the most she gave it to the ones that had nothing. She met orphan girls that had nothing and made a doll to match each of their personalities. She made each doll with love and care. Then of course there are the girls who had families and toys... and these girls wanted a Purdy Girl Doll too, because what girl doesn't want a doll that was made just for them, with love, and prayers?? So of course Rose went back to her cottage to make more of these special dolls and said special prayers for each of the girls who were going to receive these dolls.
She went home that night and thanked God for letting her put smiles on the girls faces and she hoped that they would never turn into a frown just like Lillys' never would, and wondered what names these new Purdy Girl Dolls would have?? Did you know you can even get your very own Purdy Girl Doll??? She will be made with lots of love and prayers just for you!